How to use On Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

On screen keyboard in windows10

Suppose you are doing an important job. In this situation, your keyboard suddenly got lost. But the job is so important that you have to do it right now. What will you do at this moment? It is almost time we have to face such problems. In today’s post I will teach you a tremendous tricks to do keyboard work in this emergency without the keyboard.
Most of us are using Windows as an operating system on most computers. But many of us do not know that there is a special advantage on the Windows operating system to do keyboard work without any keyboard. And There is no need to use any additional software to use this facility.

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With this post I will show you how to do all the keyboard work easily using the on-screen keyboard without the real keyboard. Let’s follow the procedure below. I have also provided a video tutorial below.
[Note: Here I am showing the process for windows 10. But you can also use On Screen Keyboard in Windows 7]
Step-1: At First Click on Start Menu in Windows and Go to Settings
how to use on screen keyboard
Step-2: Now click on Ease of Access option from Setting Menu.
windows 10 onscreen keyboard
Step-3: A new window will open. Now click on Keyboard option from the left side.
how to use keybaord without a real keyboard
Step-4: Below the On Screen Keyboard turn on the option. If you turn on this option a Virtual Keyboard will show in your window.
how to open on screen keyboard
Windows on screen keyboard
Now where you want to write something just put your cursor there and click on the button of your virtual keyboard. You will see that the keyboard is working like as a real keyboard. You can do almost all things which you can do with your real Keyboard. You can also watch this video tutorial.
I hope you like this tutorial. If you have any question about this article than feel free to ask me. Please share this post with your friends. No more Today. Good Bye.

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