What is Arduino? A Complete Introduction to Getting Started With Arduino and Arduino Programming

Do you want to make a robot or something interesting electronics project? Then you must should use Arduino. Even your engineering teacher maybe told you to learn arduino. But you don’t know what is arduino? Or, what can we do using Arduino? Ok, If you have this question in your brain than I think you are at the right place. In this article I shall introduce you with Arduino and it’s use. Let’s consider your first question.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is mainly a hardware and software company who manufactured computer programmable microcontroller board and related software. Arduino is a open source platform. That means all the resource files and software is open to everybody and anybody can develop this board and software to make it more useful.
If we want to know more about arduino at first we need to know about microcontroller.

What is Microcontroller?

Microcontroller is a single chip microcomputer. It looks like a Integrated Circuit (IC). We can control any electronics device by a microcontroller using computer programme. Microcontroller is called as a mini computer. Why we call it as a micro computer? Because Microcontroller has the same characteristics of a desktop computer.


·        Computer has RAM and ROM. Microcontroller also has both RAM and ROM.
·        Computer runs based on a programme which is loaded in this computer. Microcontroller also needs a programme to run and execute command.
·        Computer has input-output pin. Microcontroller also has digital input-output pin. Basically this input output pin is used to control led, motor, buzzer, display and reading value from different sensor.
I think you have understood about microcontroller. Now come back to our main topics about Arduino. Arduino provides different kinds of microcontroller based hardware board. The arduino board is normally consists of a microcontroller, some useable input-output pin, a regulated power circuit. Arduino board has a built in programmer to burn the computer programme in the microcontroller. So, Arduino board don’t need extra hardware to burn computer programme in microcontroller.

What can we do using Arduino?

If you have already understand what is arduino than I think your next question is what can we do using arduino? Ok, good question. I think you should ask what cann’t we do using arduino? Surprising question. But it should be the right answer. Because, you can develop any kind of electronics project using this tiny arduino board. Arduino is developing day by day. Different kind of sensor is now working with arduino because the developer always works to make it more popular. From a simple Digital Thermometer to a complex robot you can make using arduino. But here I am giving a short note about some most popular arduino projects list which can be built by Arduino. 

  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Weather Station
  • Laser Security System
  • Smart Voting Machine
  • Different kind of Robots
  • CNC Machine
  • Smart Security System
  • Remote Controlling
  • Drone

Arduino is now very popular in building Artificial Intelligence Robot. Here I have included only some project name. But in real life you can make different kind of project using Arduino.

How can we get started with Arduino?

Ok, I think you already fall in love of Arduino. Now in this section I will tell you how to get started with arduino. At first you need to collect a Arduino Board. There are different kinds of Arduino boards available in market. But as beginner I always prefer to use Arduino Uno R3 board. It is perfect for starting. Arduino Uno R3 has 14 Digital Input Output Pin, 6 Analog Input Pin, 7 pwm supported pin in digital input output pin. Arduino also has RX and TX Pin which can make serial communication with any device. Besides this we also need some additional device to make project. For this, best practices is to buy a Arduino Starter Kit. This kit contains all important components to start our journey of Arduino. I have also collected this Arduino Starter Kit. In my serial Tutorial I will use this Starter Kit. Collect your own kit before starting Arduino Journey.

arduino uno r3

How can we learn Arduino?

Ok, after collecting all needed components now it’s time to learn arduino practically. In my site I will serially share tutorial which will be very helpful for those who don’t know anything about arduino. Basically we need to learn C Programming to programme our microcontroller in Arduino. If you don’t know c programming don’t worry. I am here, to help you to learn Arduino Programming. I will also provide project making tutorial. After watching this tutorial you will be able to make your own arduino project at your home.
Ok friends, in this article I have basically tried to give your answer about What is Arduino? I think you have understand that what is arduino. Now, if you are interested to learn arduino than stay with me. In my website I will provide Arduino Tutorial with video. If you watch this video you will learn Arduino Programming and will be Arduino Projects Master.

No more today. If you have any question about what is arduino or something else, feel free to ask me. I shall try my best to provide you the right answer. See you again in my next post. Till than stay safe.

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