How to Check Internet Speed of Computer Without any Software

how to check internet speed of computer without software

Did you even check your Internet service provider give you the right speed that they promised? Many times it seems that the user doesn’t get the right speed from the data service provider. But how can you know that does you enjoying the right speed? Today I will show you an awesome and best idea to measure the internet speed of your internet pack.

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There is a lot of ways to check the internet speed on your computer. Even you can use software to measure the real-time speed of your internet. But today I will show you the easy, and you don’t need to install any software. You can measure the internet speed online. You can also get other information like their server provider address and location by this method. Before measure the internet speed, you need to connect with the internet via Cable, Modem, or Wifi. If you are connected to the internet now, it’s time to check your internet speed. Let’s go to check the internet speed.

Internet Speed Tester

1. At First, Open any Internet Browser on your computer. Now search the keyword on google, “Xfinity internet speed test.”
2.  Now, you will find a lot of websites in google search results. Now click on the first site. Or you can go to the site directly by clicking here.
internet speed checker
3. Now, click on Start Test. Wait 1-2 Minutes. It will automatically measure the download and upload speed of your internet package.
how to check internet speed
4. After completing the test, the website will show you the final result and give you the average speed of your internet line.
internet speed tester

If you don’t understand the procedure, please watch the video tutorial. I think this video will be very helpful in learning the trick.

No more Today. If you have any questions about this tutorial and about measuring your computer’s internet speed, then feel free to ask me. I shall try my best to provide you the right answer.
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