8 Awesome Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Microsoft Word is a writing software and used for creating documents which was produced by Microsoft Corporation. The software is very famous all over the world mostly for writing and editing. There are a lot of function added which help the user to make all kind of editing and formatting for text. Almost every computer user installed any version of Microsoft Word in their device. All of them use this software for their daily need. But most of them do not know the tips and tricks of this software. You will be surprised by knowing this that, There are a lot of hidden tips and tricks in Microsoft Word which will make your work easy and faster than usual. Today we will learn some wonderful tips and tricks of Microsoft Word to make our work easier and faster. Let’s start.

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1. Type Anywhere: Generally we cannot type anywhere of the word document. For writing a place at first we need to place the cursor there by using space or tab button. I also use this method when I was new in Microsoft Word. But now I know the tricks to place the cursor anywhere of document. Just double click at the place where you want to start typing. The cursor will move there.

2. Quickly Insert Hyperlink: Do you want to add a hyperlink in your text? Normally you can do this by a long process from toolbar. But you can do this in one second? Get Surprised? Really you can do it. Just select the text where you want to insert your hyperlink. Then press Ctrl + K from your Keyboard. A dialogue box will open and just type the link which you want to insert. Then press ok. You have successfully inserted hyperlink in your text.

3. Remove all Formatting: Sometimes it happened that you have copied something from a website and paste it on your word document. But the formatting of the text remain contained. If you paste the text in your word document the text look like as it looks on website. You can easily remove the formatting from your text. Just Paste your text on your document and then select it. Now click on Clear Formatting from toolbar. You can find this toolbar on Font Section beside the font size box.

4. Find your previous Cursor location: When you works on a long documents, it’s very handy to go back the previous cursor position. Again if you close your document you may need to go to the position your cursor was placed last time before closing the document. You can find your cursor’s previous location by pressing Shift + F5 from Keyboard.

5. Set Password on Your Document: Microsoft Word give you smart security system to protect your document from other user. If you have some important document and you want to set password for those document than you can do it easily in Microsoft Word. To set password in your document at First open your File in Microsoft Word. Then click on the office button. Now click on Prepare than click on Encrypt Document. See the screenshot.

Now type your password and re-enter it. Then click on ok. Now your document will required password to open it.

6. Delete Entire words at a time: This is really important tips for everyone. If you need to delete the entire word in your document what do you do? You may use pressing backspace to delete one by one character. But you can do the same thing by on one press. Just Hold down Ctrl button and press Backspace and the whole word will be erased.

7. Make your own Auto Correction Rules: Microsoft Word has built in auto correction system. So, when you write something wrong the programme automatically correct the word. You can set when a word will be correct and some basic rule in Microsoft Word. It will make your work easy. To Set your Own rules Go to file than click on Word Options. Then go to Proofing menu and click on Auto Correct Option. Here you can make your own auto correction rules. After making your own rules then click on Ok. Now Microsoft Word Execute your rule on the formation of your document.

8. Hide spelling and Grammar Mistakes Warning: A smart feature of Microsoft Word is it gives the warning for spelling and grammar mistakes by using red and green lines. But you can turn off this warning if you want. For this go to File menu than click on Word Options. Now go to Proofing menu and Mark up the two box of the below. See the screenshot.

Today we have discussed about Microsoft Word tips and tricks. There are more hidden tips and tricks on Microsoft Word. No more today. If you have any question about this tutorial than feel free to ask me. I shall try my best to give you the right answer. I will share another something interesting in my next post. Till than take care. And read my blog Regular. Thank you for reading this Post. Good Bye.

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