8 Awesome Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life

The laptop battery life is a very important thing to every professional user. Laptop is mainly produced for carrying it outside for different kind of purpose. Suppose you are a marketing officer of a well known company. In the meeting, your boss called you to show the growth of the business of your company. You bring your laptop with you to make a presentation on the growth and sharing other information of your company. But when you started your presentation you noticed that your laptop battery already lost charge. It is very shameful for you, isn’t it? So you must know the pros and cons of laptop using guide to increase and maximize the battery life of your laptop. Today I will share some awesome tips and tricks which will play an important role on increasing the battery life of laptop. Let’s go.

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1. Display Automatically Turn Off:

Sometimes it happened that you are doing some other activities but your laptop is running. This Screen is displaying something means it is draining power. So you can easily use this display automatically turn off setting to save the power.
Go to your Control Panel and click on Power Option. Now Set the time for dimming the screen and turned off the display.

2. Disable Extra Ports and Devices:

Every device and component connected with your device reduce the power of laptop battery. You can easily increase your battery life by removing extra USB devices like Mouse, Keyboard etc. Even your USB hub also consume  your battery power. When you don’t working on your laptop try to remove the extra devices from your laptop.

3. Decrease the Brightness:

You can easily reduce the power consumption by decreasing the brightness of your display. Brightness of the display mainly reduce power of the battery. Brightness level plays an important level on laptop battery life . So try to set your display brightness level as low as possible. But it can occurs your eye problem. So try to balance between them.

4. Use Dark Wallpaper:

Do you know your wallpaper use a lot of power of your battery? Yeah, seriously. When you use a lighten wallpaper on your home screen the laptop should more power to display it. But if you use a dark wallpaper then laptop needs little power to display it. It is like as a bulb on fully lighten and on dimming. When it is fully lighten it looks more colorful and it use a lot of power. But when you use a dim light it looks dark but it use less power. So always try to use dark wallpaper on your homes creen.

5. Turn off Background Apps and Process:

Not only your laptop’s hardware but also your background software is also responsible for the power consumption of your laptop. Again deferent kind of process run on background on our pc. Those also reduce power of your battery. So always try to stop the background apps and power to increase the battery life of your laptop.

6. Disable Bluetooth and Wifi Devices:

Bluetooth and Wifi hardware of your laptop use a lot power. You will noticed it when using your laptop by turning on the wifi and by turning off the wifi. It is really very important to increase the battery life on laptop. Try to disable Bluetooth and Wifi Hardware you don’t using them. It will help you to maximize your laptop battery life. You can easily do it by taking your laptop on airplane mode. It is really a good idea for increasing battery life of laptop.

7. Use Power Save Mode:

The best way to save the battery life of laptop is using the power saver mode in your laptop. If you turn on the power saver mode in your laptop it will automatically change some setting which plays an important role on saving your laptop battery life. You can find out the setting in your control panel. To turn on the power saver mode Go to the control panel and go to Power Option. Then you will find out the power saver mode. Click on it turn it on.

8. Take care on Battery Charging:

Battery charging and right using plays very important role in battery life. Your battery will be damaged in a few days if you don’t maintain the battery charging procedure. Never use the laptop until the battery is fully discharging. Try to stop your laptop when the battery level undergoes to 15% or below. If you plugged in the charger remain it until the battery is fully charged. The interrupt between charging is a bad habit and cause a bad effect on battery life. So take your laptop during charging and using on battery power to increase laptop battery life.

If you can follow the above tips and tricks you can increase the battery life of your laptop. There are also more guideline to maximize the battery life of laptop. But you should follow them regularly. Always take your laptop and don’t create pressure on it. Remember it is an electronics device. Your care will tell you how many times you can use it.

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