7 Awesome Sensor of Smartphone and wonderful use of Smartphone sensor

Once upon a time when a mobile phone was only treated as a communication device. But the thinking is now almost changed. The term mobile phone is now converted to Smartphone. Now smartphone is not only a communication device it can do a lot of things more. Beside calling and internet browsing now we can use our smartphone in many other purposes. This is possible by the use of multi sensor in our smartphone. Now a days we noticed that there are several sensor is using in our smartphone. By the upgrading of smartphone there is including new sensors and we get more facilities in our smartphone. Today we will discuss about how many sensor is used in Smartphone what is the actual use of this sensor. Let’s read the full article.

7 Awesome Sensor of Smartphone and wonderful use of Smartphone sensor

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At first we will discuss about the well known and famous sensor accelerometer. It is included almost every kind of Smartphone we use. From it’s name the use of this sensor can be understand. The sensor can measure the acceleration. The sensor is also used to determine the orientation of our Smartphone as giving the value of 3 axis. Now a days all mobile game is using the facilities of this sensor to make the game more realistic.


The sensor is as like as accelerometer. But it has some greater facilities. It can also read the orientation of our device.

Proximity Sensor: This is a very interesting sensor for Smartphone. It is made by an Infrared Led and an Infrared Light Detector. The sensor is usually set beside the earpiece of our smartphone. The main purpose of this sensor is to exhibits the accidental touch by our ear during a call. When we place the smartphone up to our ear the sensor can determine it and turn the screen of to avoid any accidental touch.

Light Sensor: 

The light sensor is also a important sensor for smartphone user. It helps us to adjust the brightness of our smartphone automatically. The sensor is not included in all smartphone but most of the smartphone has the sensor. This sensor can measure the light of environment and adjust the brightness of smartphone. It helps our eyes from unexpected light of smartphone. Now some advanced smartphone also have included the color sensor with it. Which can individually measure the amount of every color. Auto Brightness helps to increase the battery life of our smartphone. If you want to learn more about this then read  8 Powerful tips to increase the battery life of Smartphone?


The sensor is now included to almost every smartphone. Now a days everyone use the compass app in their smartphone. The Compass app is run depending on this sensor. The sensor can identify the magnetic field around our smartphone. The main purpose of this sensor is to use it as compass.


The latest edition of advanced smartphone is now using barometer. The sensor can measure the atmospheric pressure. The sensor is mainly use to measure how high the device from sea level. The sensor is very helpful for climber, air driver and survival fighter.
Temperature Sensor: Now some smartphone is producing with including temperature sensor. The sensor can measure the temperature of our device and the environment. The sensor is helpful to maintain the temperature of our device.


The sensor is used to measure how many steps the user taken. This can be done by the accelerometer. But this sensor is more accuracy than accelerometer. Now a days a lot app found which can measure the how many distance we walk. This is performed by this sensor.

Fingerprint Sensor:

Now a days the new smartphone has the fingerprint sensor. This sensor can detect the fingerprint. By using this we can lock and unlock our smartphone using our fingerprint. And without the user of the smartphone any other people can not be able to unlock this phone.

There are also more sensor. But we have discussed about the popular sensor which is included in almost every smartphone.
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