How to Increase Your Android Phone Battery Life 8 Powerful Tips

Now a days, almost everyone have a Smartphone in their hand. We can not pass a day of our life without having a smartphone. Smartphone make our life more easier and quick. But almost everyone now suffer for the battery life of their smartphone mostly the android phone. Today I will give you some special tips to save the android phone battery life.

Tips to Increase Android Phone Battery Life

how to increase android battery life

It is not a better idea to stop using your android phone to save the android battery life. You need to abide by some rule to extend the battery life of android phone. Ok Let’s see some simple tips which will play an important role in increasing the battery life of your smartphone.

Tips – 1: Be careful on charging

A  lot of people don’t follow the rule of charging a android phone in right way. They charge it when they need. But it can damage the battery life of your phone. Because android phone use lithium ion battery which is very sensitive in charging. Experts always said that don’t charge it to 100%. You should charge your smartphone when the charge come to about 20%. And charge it to about 80%. It is a better range to make your battery healthy.

how to increase android battery life

Tips – 2: Use Black Wallpaper

A lot of people don’t know that about maximum charge of our android phone is lost by using bright wallpaper in our phone. Bright wallpaper uses more light to display than a black wallpaper. So it is a good idea to use black wallpaper. Expert think that it is a very important tips to save android phone battery life.

Tips – 3: Restrict Background Data Browsing

After browsing internet we don’t turn off our mobile data. These loss a lot of power from our battery. Because now a days in every android phone there are a lot of application which use data to update them self. It may done automatically in background. So, when you remain on your mobile data and don’t work on your android phone you should not think that your mobile is stop. No, it is using data in background. So, Turn off your mobile data after internet browsing. You can also use Restrict Background Data Mode in Android Phone.

Tips – 4: Turn off Google Location

Google location is a smart feature in every android phone which helps the user to show the position of the phone in google map. But you will be surprised by knowing that if you turn on google location service for one hour your battery life will be decrease almost 50%. Yes, Google Location use a lot of power to connect with GPS. So, do not make this always turn on. After using Map you should turn off this. Turning Off Google Location will help you to boost battery life of android phone.

turn off google location service to increase battery life

Tips – 5: Turn off Bluetooth Connection

After using Bluetooth connection turn off your Bluetooth connection. It will help you to save the battery life of your android phone. Because Bluetooth can also make losses of your valuable battery power.

Tips – 6: Stop Vibration

Do you know that for making vibration in our phone there have a small motor inside our phone. When phone needs to vibrate the motor rotate in a high speed which makes the vibration. It also cause the battery life of your android. So, try to use phone without vibration.

Tips – 7: Use Battery Saving Mode

Almost in every Smartphone have a feature name Battery Saving Mode. Try to make this feature always on. It will help you to save your battery life using some internal setting.

Tips – 8: Don’t Use Auto Brightness Setting

If your brightness setting in auto mode then change it to manually. Because auto brightness setting use more battery power. Always use manual brightness setting and try to use low brightness. So you will get a long time battery life.
There are also have a lot of ways to save android phone battery life. If you follow the above tricks I hope you will get long time battery life then before.

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