How to make a Bootable USB Pendrive or Flash Drive

Sometimes it happened that you need to setup windows or any other operating system in your pc but you don’t have any optical drive. If you don’t have an optical drive you cannot be able to insert a windows installation disk into your computer. So that you cannot setup windows in your pc without buying a new optical drive. But if you can setup windows in your pc using a usb pendrive or flashdrive? Yeah, it is possible to setup windows from a usb flashdrive. But normally you can not setup windows using usb pendrive of flashdrive. For this you must need to make your usb flashdrive bootable.

how to make a bootable usb pendrive, how to make a bootable usb flash drive

Bootable drive is a special type format of a storage which can be runned automatically by computer. We see that when we insert a windows installation disk in our computer and restart it the computer ask us to boot from cd or dvd. But when you insert a normal cd or dvd which contains some general file can not do this. It happens because the windows installation disk is bootable and your personal disk is not bootable.

Today we will learn how to make a bootable usb drive. For this at first we need to collect the iso file of a windows operating system. Iso file is a smart type of file where all important files and folders are included as a single file. If you want to learn more about this, read this article: How to create an iso file from Windows Installation Disk
For making an bootable usb drive we must need to have a usb flash drive with minimum 4GB storage capacity.

Ok now let’s go to make a bootable usb drive. Here I am using PowerIso software to make a bootable usb flash drive. Follow the all steps given below:

Step – 1: Collect an ISO file

For making a bootable usb flash drive at first we need to collect a iso file. We can collect it by two method. One is downloading the iso file from online. You can download the iso file of any windows version from the official website of Microsoft. And the second method is Creating a ISO file. If you have a windows installation disk than you can easily make an iso file from this disk. Follow this Tutorial: How to create an iso file from Windows Installation Disk
windows 7 iso file

Step – 2: Format your Flash Drive

Insert your flash drive in your computer and format it. We need a full balnk usb flash drive to make a bootable usb drive.

Step – 3: Add the ISO File

Open the Power Iso software and click on add button. 

windows 7 bootable usb

Then select the iso file of your windows operating system which you collected before and click on add. The file will be added to power iso software.

bootable usb tutorial

how to create bootable usb

Step – 4:  Create the Bootable Usb

Now, Go to tools and click on Create Bootable Usb Drive. 

windows 7 bootable usb

You will be asked to give the administrator permission. Click on Ok.

bootable pendrive

Now A new window will open. Here we need to select our iso image file which we want to write on the usb drive and make it bootable. Then Choose the usb drive which you want to make bootable. 

windows 10 bootable pendrive
Ok, Now click on Start. You will be asked a question click on Ok. 

The software will be started to make the usb drive bootable. Wait until the task completed 100%.

bootable usb making tutorial

After complete you will see a succesfull message. 

how to create bootable usb

Now you will see the icon of your flash drive changed.

windows 7 bootable usb

It means that we have succesfully made our bootable usb drive. Now we can easily setup windows in our computer using this bootable usb drive.
If you have any question about this article than feel free to ask me. Thank you for reading this article.

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