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How to decompile .net exe

Hi guys, How are you all? Today we will learn a very important tricks. In this post I will show you how to decompile .net Exe. By using this tricks you can decompile and find out the source file of any .exe file. Let’s Start to learn.

There are some tools for reverse engineering we have found in the internet. All of those “.Net Reflector” is easy and powerful decompiler tool. I suggest you to use .Net Reflector tool and develop your .net program though you have not .net source file.
Follow these steps to decompile your .net program.
Lets start…


Get .Net Reflector

 At first you have to download .Net Reflector tool. This tool is developed by Red-Gate Software Ltd.
You can download from their official website

How to decompile .net, .net decompiler

Install .Net Refector

 After completed download run reflector installer. An installation wizard will appear and install net reflector

How to decompile .net exe, .net decompiler

.net decompiler, how to decompile .net exe

Launch .Net Reflector

After complete installation run the .net reflector from desktop shortcut. .

how to decompile .net exe, .net decompiler

Decompile Process

Your program is ready to decompile. 
Locate your .net exe program which you want to decompile. Drag your .net exe file and drop over .net reflector assembly menu.
Another method is select file menu and click “open assembly” menu and choose your .net file.

After open assembly your file will be listed in assembly panel of .net Reflector.

How to decompile .net exe, .net decompiler

Now click right mouse button over your assembly file and select Export source code.

how to decompile .net exe, .net decompiler

A export dialogue box will shown up. Now choose your destination path or folder where you want to save your decompiled source code or your .net exe. After click start button .net reflector will start reverse engineering and save your .net source file to your selected destination path/folder.

how to decompile .net exe, .net decompiler

how to decompile .net exe, .net decompiler

I have make a video tutorial to show the full process step by step. Follow the video tutorial and learn how to decompile .net Exe.

No more Today. I think everyone understand the video tutorial. If you have any question about this tutorial than feel free to ask me. I shall try my best to help you.

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