How to Create ISO From DVD | Make ISO File from Windows Installation Disk

Do you want to save your important data from your CD or DVD? Than you should create iso from dvd. Creating iso file is the best solution for this situation. Specially if you want to save the data from an widows installation disk than you should save the file in .isoformat.

Iso file is a smart type of file where all files and folders from a CD or DVD converts into a single file. It is like as zip or rar file. If you browse a windows installation disk than you will look some folder and files. If you create iso from dvd (windows installation disk) than all file and folder converts into a single file which extension is (.iso). So it become more easy to save, copy or share with anyone.

Today we will learn how to create iso from dvd or how to make iso from windows installation disk. Follow this full tutorial. I will share a lot of screenshot while you can understand how to create iso from dvd. Let’s start to make an iso file from an windows installation disk.

Step – 1: Insert Your Disk

Insert a fresh workable windows installation disk. We will save all files and folders from this disk as an iso file to use it on future. Here I have inserted my windows installation disk. It is an disk of Windows 7 Operating System. I shall create a windows 7 iso file from this disk.

Step – 2: Run Software

Now, Open your iso maker software. I will use “Power Iso” Software for making iso file. I think it is the best software. It is very easy to use.

Step – 3: Add your File

Now, it’s time to add all files from our windows installation disk to Power Iso. It is very simple. Just Click on Add button

Then open your windows installation disk and select all files and folder

Then add them in Power Iso. Its take about 1-2 minutes to add.

Step – 4: Save as Iso File

We are now at the last step. Now it’s time to just save this file. For this go to File and then click on Save As. Now choose your destination path where you want to save your iso file. Give a name for your iso file. Than click on file type under the file name section. Select Standard Iso Image(.iso) as file type. Then click on Save. It will take some time to save this file. 

Wait until the task completed. 

After successfully completion you will see an iso file in your targeted destination. This is your iso file which is created from your windows installation disk.

This iso file includes all file from your windows installation disk. Now you can use this iso file to setup the windows operating system in your computer. But for this you need to do something more. You need to create a bootable usb perndrive or another dvd disk to setup windows in your computer. This is more interesting. Follow this Article:

Ok this is enough for today. Today we have learned how to create an iso file from a windows installation disk. By using this way you can save your windows setup file in your pc for future purpose. I hope this tutorial will help you to create an iso file from your windows installation disk. This tutorial is an important part of making a bootable pendrive or dvd disk. If you want to make a bootable usb than you must need to have an iso file.
If you have any question about this article than feel free to ask me. Thank you for reading this article.

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