How to Burn The Bootloader on ATmega328p using USBasp Programmer [Easy Method]

Hi friends, How are you all? Today we will learn how to burn bootloader in Atmega328p using usbasp programmer. If you want to make an arduino board at your home you must need to upload the bootloader file in your Atmega328p chip. 

Bootloader is a special kind of programme which allows Atmega328p to communicate with arduino IDE and upload the sketch file in arduino. If you have an arduino uno board which Atmega328p chip has damaged and you want to use a new Atmega328p chip than at first you need to burnt the bootloader into it. You can burn the bootloader in Atmega328p microcontroller in two ways. These are:

  • Using usbasp programmer.
  • Using an extra arduino uno r3 board.
Today we will learn how to burn the bootloader in atmega328p microcontroller using usbasp avr programmer.

Required Components:

– A usbasp programmer. (You can use anykind of usbasp programmer).
      A BreadBoard –
     Atmega328p chip
– 1pc 16MHz Crystal Oscillator
   2pcs 22pF Ceramic Capacitor
     Some Jumper Wire

If you have collected all this components now it’s time to burn the bootloader to your atmega328p chip. Follow this full tutorial step by step:
1.  Connect Your usbasp programmer with your computer. At first you need to install the driver software for this programmer. I am using AVR usbasp programmer. 

usbasp programmer, burn bootloader using usbasp programmer,

2.  If you successfully installed the driver software then you will see this image in your device manager.

install usbasp driver in computer, usbasp programmer driver

If you do not know how to install driver software for usbasp programmer than follow this tutorial.

3. Now connect all the wire as this circuit diagram.

atmega328p on breadboard, atmega328p standalone

4Connect the 6 isp pin with usbasp programmer.

usbasp programmer 6 isp pin, isp pin of usbasp programmer

usbasp programmer with atmega328p

5. Now open your Arduino IDE software. Go to Tools > Programmer and select USBasp

arduino ide programmer, select usbasp programmer in arduino ide

      Now go to tools and click on Burn Bootloader. 

how to burn bootloader

   These will take a few minutes wait for completing it. 

upload the bootloader on atmega328p

After successfully burn the bootloader you will see an message like this. If you get this message then you have successfully burned the bootloader in you atmega328p chip using usbasp programmer.

done uploading bootloader

I have also make a video about this. Watch this video to learn it clearly.

The above process is for those whose don’t have an arduino board but want to make one at home. But if you have an arduino board with damaged Atmega328p chip and buy a new one than you can follow the process given below. The process is same as above but easy because It don’t need extra breadboard. If you have an arduino board than you can use it to burn bootloader on new atmega328p chip. Follow the process:
      Connect your New Atmega328p chip in your arduino board.
      Now connect the 6 isp pin of your arduino board with the usbasp programmer.

arduino uno r3 with usbasp programmer, how to burn bootloader on arduino,

      Now open the Arduino IDE. Go to Tools and click on Burn Bootloader. It will take a few minutes to burn bootloader into Atmega328p chip. After burning the bootloader you will get an succesfull message.
Following this process you can easily burn your new Atmega328p chip using usbasp programmer.
In our another tutorial I will show you how to burn the bootloader on a new Atmega328p chip using an extra arduino board.

If you have any question about this tutorial then feel free to ask me. Stay with us and always visit my blog. Thank you. 

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