How to Fix Computer is Running But Monitor Display Nothing Problem

Sometimes it happened that your computer got started but your display don’t show anything or show a blank display. Your monitor give a message that “No Signal” or “Check Input”. This is a very annoying situation for any one. There are several issue which cause this kind of problem. Today I will discuss about this and give you some tips to fix this problem.
computer is running but no display in monitor

Before stating you must need to find out your exact problem. If you push your power button but computer don’t start than this problem is not related with today’s topics. For this you need to follow this:
But if you find out the problem of showing nothing on display than read this full article to fix your problem. The problem is caused by some simple issue. Now I will show you some solution for this problem. Try all of those solutions one by one. It will help you find out the exact problem and I hope you will be able to fix no display in monitor problem.
1 – Check your Monitor
At first you need to check all the connection of your monitor. You need to confirm that your monitor is not dead and working properly. If you give power on monitor the monitor will be light up and if it don’t get any signal from your computer than it will show a message that “No Signal” or “No video Input”. If monitor don’t power up than I think problem is in your monitor.  You need to change your monitor. But if your monitor is well than try another solution.
2 – Check Graphics Hardware
Did you installed any graphics card in your motherboard? If the answer is yes than you must need to check your graphics hardware. For this at first remove the vga cable of your monitor from graphics card. Than uninstall or remove the graphics card from motherboard and connect your vga cable directly. Now power up your computer. If monitor display anything than the problem is on your graphics card and change the graphics card.

graphics card

3 – Check CMOS Battery
Sometimes the problem of no display in monitor is cause by the cmos battery in your motherboard. If the CMOS battery of your motherboard got dead then it may be prevent the motherboard to display nothing. But this problem is very rare. Because CMOS Battery normally don’t drained out. If your problem is caused by this than change the cmos battery from mother board and try with a new one.

cmos battery

4 – Check Internal Hardware
Sometimes monitor display nothing because of the problem of some internal hardware. To find out this problem you need to remove all extra hardware from your motherboard. To power up a computer you need only the components given below:
– Processor
– Motherboard
– Power Supply
– Ram
This is enough to start your computer though it will not perform perfectly. But this will help you to identify the problem that is it caused by any internal hardware like HDD Disk, DVD Rom etc?
5 – Check up RAM
About 95% “No Display” problem is caused by RAM. If your RAM got dead your monitor will not be able to display. So if your computer don’t show anything in your monitor than you must need to check up your RAM. If you have 2 RAMs than remove one and install another RAM in one slot of motherboard. If computer display nothing than change the slot and connect this RAM in another slot. Now check your monitor again. Do this same task using your another RAM. You can easily find out this problem by changing your RAM.


You can repair your RAM using some technique. But remember that this will not work every time. Take a soft eraser and rub the pin of your ram using this eraser. It will remove any kind of dust and make clean your RAM. If you want to learn some special tips about fixing your dead RAM than follow this article:
6 – Check the processor
If the processor of your computer get damaged than your monitor will display nothing. But this problem is very rare. If you didn’t find out the exact problem from the way mentioned above than you should check up your processor using an extra motherboard.
7 – Change Motherboard
If your all parts of your computer is working properly than the problem is might cause by your motherboard. Sometimes the vga port of your motherboard can be damaged or your motherboard can be shorted because of electricity. Than it will cause the problem “No Display in Monitor”. So, you need to change the motherboard to fix this problem.

In this above post I have discussed about every issue which cause the problem “No Display in Monitor”. If you try one by one than I think you will be able to detect the problem and also be able to fix it. If you have any question about this post than feel free to ask me. 

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