Which browser is best to save the battery life of your laptop?

We always try a lot of way to save our lalptop’s battery life. But do we know that our internet browser play an important role in battery life. Recently Microsoft run an experiment on 4 laptops which have 4 different types browser was installed. These 4 browser was: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera. They run same content on every browser and placed them to calculate the time. After some hours they find out the final result which was really amazing.
During this experiment they browse on internet as usual way we do. For getting a better result they browse some social media site like facebook, twiiter and some top search engine like google, yahoo, bing. They also make some common things like: Opening a site in new tab, scrolling a web page, login and registering on a site, watching hd video etc. On the time of cycling they calculated wifi, cpu consumption time and some internal mechanism.
After this experiment they give the final result. In this result they show the total time of browsing. The result is given below:

Mozilla Firefox 05 Hours 9 Minutes and 30 Seconds.
Microsoft Edge 07 Hours 22 Minutes 07 Seconds.
Google Chrome 04 Hours 19 Minutes 50 Seconds.
Opera 06 Hours 18 Minutes 33 Seconds.

From this above result it is totally clear that Microsoft Edge gives the best efficieny of battery life during internet browsing.

You can watch the video of this experiment from here.

But some Techonology specialist do not believe this experiment. The think, it was tottaly a plan to reduce the popularity of Google Chrome and make Microsoft Edge popular to all internet user. Because they ignore a lot of things during this experiment. They do not clear about other facility of a brower. As a example Google Chrome gives an wonderful facility to their user to use a lot of plugins and Add-on. They have a big collection of plugins and Add-on. Which gives the user specially freelancers, web developer some extra facilities.  Let’s know some information about some top level internet browsers.

Google Chrome: Google Chrome is a free internet browser which was developed by Google. This browser was first released in 2008. Because of some special features and accessibility it becomes the top browser in the world. Google Chrome is available for almost every operating system.

Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla firefox is an another free ope source web browser which was developed by the MozillaFoundation. Firefox is available for almost every operating system like: Windows, Linus, Mac etc.

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is a free internet browser of Microsoft Corporation. Here a special information need to include that Microsoft automatically install this internet browser on during setup Windows operating system in computer. Because of this almost every windows operated computer have Microsoft Edge installed.

Opera: Opera is an another popular internet browser which support almost every operating system. Opera is very popular for their mobile version browser than compute version. This browser was developed by Opera Software. According to Opera Software, the browser had more than 350 million users in all over the world. It was a news of 2014.

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