What is Microcontroller? How it Works in Digital Electronics?

Electronics is a blessing of modern science. Microcontrolling programme is a important and large site of Digital electronics.

 Now a days, a lot of students are reading about digital electronics. For those student it is very important for knowing about microcontroller programming. Besides this it has been included on the engineering subject. But for the loose of instruction they can not understand this properly. We have take a decision to make tutorial for teaching about this in online. Again we also commited to make video tutorial and upload it into youtube. So i think a lot of student will able to know about this. I will show you step by step about microcontrolling. But today I will show a very important chapter of microcontroller programme. This is loading a hex file to microcontroller or burning a microcontroller.

For microcontroller programming at first we need to draw our circuit. It is not a final circuit. But this circuit will help us to write our programme properly. In this situation we shoul use proteus simulation software.

Digital Thermometer using Microcontroller
Proteus is a common software to programmer. This software has a power to run a circuit virtually. We can see what happen when we connect some electric equipment before connecting them really.
 After drawing circuit we need to wright a programme in compiler according to our circuit. After completing of writing programme we need to compile our programme code. When we compile our code there also generated a .hex file in the same folder where we saved our programme. This hex file is very important. Because microcontroller do not understand the programme language. It can only understand the machine language. The hex file is a file which has converted from programme language. And hex file is a machine language. When we load this hex file to our microcontroller, our microcontroller will start to work which command we give in to our programme. Thus a microcontroller work. 

Use Display with Microcontroller
If we give a command for blinking a led in our programme. And load the hex file of our programme in to microcontroller than the microcontroller will start to blink a led.

Led Dancing using microcontroller
Such this way different digital electrical product work.

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